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MetricsFlare is the customer success analytics platform
we have built as a SMART Survey platform.
Designed to collect customer feedback and digest it into
comprehensive reporting you can learn from and act up on it.


Zendesk Integrated

MetricsFlare is integrating with Zendesk in order to provide a seamless experience in collecting customer feedback.

Rate comment tone analyser

We are analyzing comments and adding a tone color to them. you are able to understand the feedback from your customer on a whole new level.

One-click Reporting System

Presentation ready reports with just one
click through filters. You can easily
understand your survey results broken
down by NPS/CES/CSAT segments.

Geo Reporting

Learn from geographical representation of the rates acquired and navigate your decisions and campaigns into right direction.

Real Time Reviews

Get real-time customer feedback and have the data aligned and sorted out in a way that is the most intuitive for you. You can’t miss a thing.

Agent Performance Statistic

Optimize your team performance by
tracking agent data. Who is building
your brand reputation like a pro?

Loyalty Insight

Identify the key promoters or
detractors and monitor the impact
of their loyalty.

Growth Navigation System

Intelligence driven suggestions, based
on your scores and goals. How can you
boost NPS? What is your next step for
team development? What is your
weak spot? System will know it.

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