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Real Time reporting

• Geo-Metrics: Learn from geographical representation of the rates acquired.

• Breakdown-Metrics: Insightful data segmentation in real time broken down by NPS/CES/CSAT segments.

• Agent-Metrics: Agent-centered reporting showing you who are the promoters in your customer success team.

• Device-Metrics: Adjust your online representation by learning from which devices your clients are asking for help.

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Real-time feedback

Everything is real-time with MetricsFlare! Get real-time customer feedback, and have the data aligned and sorted out in a way that is the most intuitive for you.

Real-time feed with notifications that will allow you to follow each new rate and comment provided by your customers. Everything will be shown on your ‘Transparency showcase page’ so you are able to share your customer’s insight with everyone.

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• NPS/CES/CSAT surveys are great tools to help understand what our weak points are and how to improve them. MetricsFlare was built to cut the chase to greatness.

• To go even further, MetricsFlare can combine different survey types into one for better survey accuracy. So, mix up NPS/CES/CSAT to learn as much as possible.

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• Show off to your competition about your team’s NPS.

• Attract prospects by showing how your clients feel about your service.

• Simple click and share approach to make the reporting public to your audience.

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