NPS, CES, CSAT surveys for a deeper understanding of your customers’ feedbacks. Use our survey platform to get an idea about friction between you and your customers and how to overcome it.

Net Promoter Score

NPS measures customers’ feelings for your service or a company and how loyal are they to your brand.

MetricsFlare provides real-time insight into NPS after which you’ll be able to act upon by the knowledge about who are your promoters and most loyal customers. More importantly, what can be improved with a relationship with detractors.

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Customer Effort Score

CES measures how easy was for your customers to resolve the issue they had with your service. This information is greatly important when your service strives towards automation – the better the automated processes, the better the CES score.

What MetricsFlare does for you is it brings you the awareness of how your clients are doing on their own using your platform/service. We help you understand the raw numbers to efficiently restructure your customer service approach.

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Customer Satisfaction Score

CSAT measures customers’ feelings after interaction with your service. Usually, after the interaction with support representatives.

It’s a transactional type of survey. Using CSAT you can have real-time insight into customer’s satisfaction with your agents and/or service. Most companies are looking into this metric as it instantly allows them to see if their customers are in love with customer service or they hate it.

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Expand your reach with Embedded Flare™

With MetricsFlare you can go even further! We have developed the Embedded Flare which allows you to embed your surveys where ever you feel your customers are going to be eager to share their experience with you. Simply copy/paste the embed code and your desired survey will be present on the custom page you want it on.

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