Give your clients the opportunity to grow together with you. We can gather the experiences from your end-users and help you understand the statistics.

We are doing the heavy lifting of your data and digesting it for easy understanding – and then generating reports on how your service and customer service can be improved.

Geo Reporting

Get a deeper understanding of your rates by referencing scores through geographical reporting. You can evaluate your market share easily by following up on geographical reporting which shows the popularity of your service in different areas of the globe.

While your efforts to broaden the potential market pool are focused on researching the market itself, use our geo reporting view to better understand the current coverage your service has.

Real-time rates overview

Preview all collected rates and customer data to generate an opinion that you can act on quickly.

We are labeling each rate accordingly so you can have a better overview and ease of filtering by certain criteria.

Agents awards

Use our tool to improve your service and customer happiness, but also make sure to promote and voice kudos to your MVPs!

User lineup chart shows the lineup based on our “secret formula” of choosing the MVP.

User agents statistics

We are digesting the stats along with rates provided from certain operating systems and browsers. This is a more technical statistics chart, one you can use to cross-reference the trends between geographical areas and the devices the rates came from.

Usually, this is a “fun fact” section rather than a general reporting section and the more close-up view can be found in our article covering this topic.

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