Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a methodology of identifying the level of customer satisfaction with the service your company provides to them. The standard question following the scale would be “How would you rate your experience with your [HERE GOES THE ENTITY YOU WANT TO RATE]”.

CSAT is used to:• measure customer service satisfaction
• measure product layout usability
• measure features UX

By asking the right questions, we can narrow down the cause of NPS or CES rate drop. All these survey types are complementary to each other. We can use all three separately to properly navigate the product goal or whichever aspect of your business.

Same as with CES, the calculation is done by simply presenting percentages for each rate. MetricsFlare is crunching the data of each survey type by the NPS methodology – promoters versus detractors. You can always get a clear picture of your responses by looking at the score value that we calculate for you.

When the examination is performed, and percentages of “Very Satisfied” and “Satisfied” combined are below 75%, you should consider working with your customer support team on improving one or two things that can start building up the value of satisfaction.

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