MetricsFlare Insights™

MetricsFlare Insights™ is the product within the MetricsFlare app that is designed to simplify reporting by delivering ready-made suggestions. The idea behind this tool is to provide concrete advice on how to improve your customer satisfaction score. We’ll generate some suggestions based on the data our database collects and after the data crunching process goes through your data, we’ll generate a summary report for you and action items that need to be taken.

Insights will summarize the reports by grouping the clients who are promoters or detractors. It will group your customers in these groups by the domain your customers come from. Each domain will affect the satisfaction score and for each domain, we’ll calculate it separately. Most loyal satisfied customers will be grouped in the promoters segment. Those whose calculated score falls below a certain score that represents a breakpoint will be sorted in the detractor’s segment.

Using insights you can determine which of your customers are the most critical ones, who require immediate remedy steps, and which customers you can count on to represent you as your loyal referral vendors.

MetricsFlare Insights generates a report for your customers’ comments left and generates the summary report. You can easily understand the tone your customers are having while dealing with your customer success team.

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