How to Build Teamwork?

After you perform a review of how your team is doing and how your customers feel about the whole package you are providing to them, the next step would be creating action items. To begin with, working with your customer support team on improving their communication, teamwork and become better associated with the team spirit is the way to start. Below games can help your team reconnect and grow towards the company’s mission and vision.

Blind drawing

One of the cool games that can help you build your team’s productivity and have them strengthen their co-working abilities is speak-driven drawing or blind drawing. The idea is to have groups or individuals working in two teams, one team explains the drawing and the other team is drawing it by the description from the person explaining it. Preferably do this exercise with individuals where one explains the random drawing to the other.

Truth or not

Have people think of three events or statements where two are true and one is a lie. You can break people into two teams where one is working on statements and the other group is simply guessing which one of three statements is a lie. The objective is to sharpen skills to work around the front facade with people and break down the communication to what is important. This approach helps with teaching people to eliminate the immediate judgment that we all have engraved in us. Eventually, people are sharing truths about themselves getting to know each other better.


Use your company’s lobby or some outdoor larger space where you can walk for at least 10 steps in one direction. Use objects like Lego pieces or other small objects to create a random pool of obstacles for a person to walk straight through it. Next, have one person blindfolded and walked through this space of obstacles, however, this person will be navigated by his/her teammate pair. Idea is to sharpen the communication and trust between employees since the path through obstacles can be placed so that it requires complicated moves and not just left and right walk.


One of the games to improve self-esteem with the sales team is to play the truth or dare but, without the truth part. You create a number of funny tasks for your team to go out and meet random people on the street and complete their tasks. These tasks can be anything from just talking about random topics to engaging in business communication or even more drastic actions like joggling in the middle of the street.


The games we’ve listed in this post are not only good for team building but also help you ensure a healthy, productive working environment. This is an environment where teams are more than work machines and employees are more than a business investment for the employer.

Which activity would you play with your team?

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