Elisabeth Courland Customer Success Interview

Hey folks it’s an interview o’clock with awesome Elisabeth Courland. 

Before you prepare a coffee and find a perfect spot, let us give you a quick intro. 

Elisabeth Courland is Digital Customer Success at Agorapulse, founder of The Open Book of Customer Success and Thedigitalcsm.com.

She’s been working in Customer Success for 6 years. 

Her career passion is customer-focused now, but above all, she adores contributing to the CS community, to help teammates in the industry benefit from her experience she shares insightful tips on Customer Success on her LinkedIn. 

In this interview, you will find out how Elisabeth went from sales and project manager to customer success, what is the difference between traditional Customer Success and Digital Customer Success, how to build close bonds with clients, and a lot of interesting and inspiring tips for newbies in the industry. 

If this sounds tempting to you, take half an hour for yourself and enjoy this interview. 

Let us know how you like it.

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