Markus Rentsch Customer Success Interview

Hey folks, are you ready for chit-chatting about customer-related topics with Markus Rentsch?
Quick introduction: Markus is the CEO of Remark-able, a consulting company that helps SaaS companies to turn churn into profitable growth.

Before starting his own business he has worked in various roles in controlling and corporate development. Then he spent the last years developing a new business framework called Customer-Value-Led-Growth- a unique approach designed to continuously grow the value for the customer and their lifetime value in return. Markus is passionate about challenging the status quo and always coming up with new ideas. As a consultant, his mission is to take his customers to the top.

In this interview, you will find out what Marcus’ beginnings were and what challenges he encountered along the way. If you are ready to learn more about why customer success needs to be a company-wide mindset, why it is important to collect their feedback, and how the company’s culture affects customer satisfaction-  get comfortable, grab your favorite drink and enjoy this interview!

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