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MetricsFlare Pricing

Try it out on any plan with 15 days free trial.


per monthmonth

3 Agents

API access

Custom theme

Custom transparency page


per monthmonth

10 Agents

API access

Custom theme

Custom transparency page


per monthmonth

25 Agents

API access

Custom theme

Custom transparency page


per monthmonth

50 Agents

API access

Custom theme

Custom transparency page

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the free trial works?

    When subscribing to our free trial, you get 15 days to test all options and features. When the 15 days are over, you can choose which plan to continue on, based on your usage and requirements. Of course, you can always let us know you need more time to test our MetricsFlare and we’ll walk you through the platform and, potentially, grant you additional days of trial.

  • Do I have to provide payment information before I get access to free trial?

    No, you’ll have free access to the entire platform with all features and no payment information will be required before you get access to the free trial. Only after the free trial expires and you need to choose the appropriate plan to continue on, do we require your payment information to be entered.

  • What happens with my data after free trial expires?

    When choosing the appropriate plan to continue on, we give you the option to keep all your test data or to reset your account and start from the ground up.

  • Can I create multiple surveys under single survey type?

    Yes, MetricsFlare is a platform for dynamic use of surveys, where you can create multiple surveys for multiple targets within single survey type – multiple surveys under NPS, CES or CSAT.

  • Can I have custom colors on the account matching the colors of my company?

    Yes, the Enterprise plan gives you the option to customise the colours as well as add your own logo.

  • Can I “brag” about my team publicly with my customers and competition?

    Absolutely, we encourage you to create something called “Public Report” where you can display your rating feed for one, some, or for all surveys without exception.

  • Can you breakdown rates by geographical location (country)?

    Yes, we provide geo-reporting where you can see the breakdown of rates by country.

  • Can we create a custom dashboard so we land on it as soon as we log in?

    Yes, you can create one by generating custom reports through the available filters and then saving that view as a dashboard. It will automatically be shown on the home page after login.

  • I want to get emails with failed logins and brute force attempts, do you provide such notifications?

    Yes, there are two types of notifications on our platform: regular and security. Regular notifications are sending you emails about your rates and password resets (etc) while security or critical events notifications cover failed logins, brute force logins, any unsuccessful login attempt. After 3rd failed login we are banning the violator’s IP address for 3 minutes.

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