Stijn Smet Customer Success Interview

CS comes from the heart! Well, we couldn’t agree more with this one. You should understand it, but above all, you have to love it.
So our guest this time is someone who obviously adores his career call and enjoys every step he makes in a customer-focused world. Let us give you a few quick lines about one and only Stijn Smet!

If it’s complicated to pronounce, don’t worry, you can call him Stino! Stino has recently made one more step in his career path, and now he is a Principal Customer Success Manager of Whale. His previous role was at where he moved his boundaries with the Lead Customer Success Manager role.

He is passionate about everything that includes Customer Success! Stino has a wide experience in the customer success industry and above all, he wants to be more involved in the community that he is a part of. That actually means he is eager to learn from everyone, share experiences, uplift people & be the cheerleader that someone in the industry needs!

If you are half as passionate as Stino is about this role, then you’re going to enjoy every minute of this interview. Click on the play button and find out how he began, what helped him along the way, and how he handled all those CS day-to-day activities. You might find it inspiring and useful.

As Stino said- Isn’t it the best job in the world? Now we are sure that it is!

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