Who Are Customer Success Engineers?

There are many different reasons why a business is failing. However, customer success is one of the first ones that can impact this. It’s quite simple, If you don’t care about your customer, why would they care about your business or products?

For instance, in the previous 2 years we could hear from everywhere the new buzzword: Customer Success Engineers. New positions for this job description just keep opening up. But seems like there is a gap in knowledge about what are the true responsibilities of Customer Success Engineers and what is their role in the entire company organization.

Firstly, let’s start from the obvious: it’s related to the successful customers.
With more and more businesses turning away from constant work on lead generating, we have seen a spike in creation of new teams and positions that are dubbed Customer Success Managers — CSMs and Customer Success Engineers — CSEs.

What are their key responsibilities?

CSEs are customer satisfaction and success oriented individuals that possess “a very particular set of skills”.
Soft skills are crucial in developing a good communication and relationship with customers. Accompanied with analytical and technical knowledge that helps them be more efficient with assisting customer. Whether it’s via email, live chat, over the phone or a ticketing system.

Resourcefulness and being devoted, with just a little spice added by your truly– OCD, Customer Success Engineers dig deep into finding solutions for issues that arouse even if the resolution seems unachievable.

As they are in the middle of other departments and are crucial for the entire organization to work. Whether it’s the Product Team, Marketing, Sales or Development, these individuals need to have knowledge about the product itself. To be aware of current Marketing and Sales strategies, and know the product enough so they can assist in suggestions to the Development team.


Most importantly, the importance of customer success is easily becoming number one tactic that businesses are utilizing to better understand the business success.

Is there a need for new marketing plans? Turn to your customers and sources where they have discovered your company and on what kind of marketing did they react the best.

Looking to develop a new feature? Ask your customers on what they think what would be a great addition to your product and what might be lacking.

Sales are slowly decreasing? Learn from negative feedback and track the recurring issues your customer face.

Customer Success Engineer is a career that we expect to see sky-rocket in demand. For those that are interested in pursuing this career– work on your soft skills for better communication. Broaden your technical knowledge on the industry you want to work in and change your focus to — customer success!
And for the companies that are looking into expanding their teams with CSEs – what are you waiting for?

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