Zendesk Integration

To use MetricsFlare with Zendesk on a automated base follow the steps below for Zendesk integration:

  1. Login to Zendesk and generate an API token (give it a name to describe its purpose, in our example “MetricsFlare API Key” but you can name it whatever you like) and copy the API token by clicking on the “Copy” button

  2. Login to https://app.metricsflare.com and navigate to the Integrations section
  3. Select Zendesk integration and insert your Zendesk subdomain and copied key from step #1

  4. Click on the “Connect” button. MetricsFlare will connect to your Zendesk.
  5. The next step is to start “synchronising” Zendesk users with MetricsFlare or, simply put, to start importing Zendesk users to MetricsFlare.

  6. In the next step, you can select which users are to be imported. These users are the ones who will communicate with your clients and the users who are going to be rated by them. Note that MetricsFlare will recognize if some of the users in Zendesk exist in MetricsFlare (with the same email) it will automatically choose to mark them. Any additional users to be imported you should manually choose.

    Examples of automatically marked users are John Smith and John Johnson:

  7. In the next step, you can define which survey integration should use to acquire rates for your agents. By clicking on “Assign user” you can add all agents to a specific survey.

  8. Next, you should define when the survey should be sent. Our recommended setting is to send it 24 hours after the ticket has been in Solved status. You can add more conditions if needed.
    Additionally, you can define the message that your customers will receive. Make sure to use predefined macros “<CUSTOMER>” and “<LINK>“. These are placeholders for your customer name and the rating link they will receive (link where they will eave their feedback to you).

  9. Next, the process of synchronising users is initiated and when finished you will see this screen:

  10. Finally, we can see the integration process summary:

  11. To confirm that users have been imported you can follow button “Review created users”:

  12. Congrats! Your MetricsFlare account is now integrated with your Zendesk account. After every ticket you have with your customers gets solved and 24 hours later your customer will receive the message with rating link on which they can leave a feedback for you or your service.

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