The Three Acronyms Any Business Owner Should Know

When working on developing a business, most companies go on a route that focuses on a product and the company itself. You can easily get caught up when you have turned so much attention to the product instead on one of the most important things that keep your company going – your customers.

Being a customer-oriented company can be a big change for some. But it is crucial to building a good relationship between the company and customers.

Customer feedback

You are sure that you have created an effective team, pushed your product to perfection, but you still don’t see the results. This is when you need to work on creating a better relationship with your customers. Making the company feel more approachable. Then get the information you need for further development.

Customers are the ones who provide the most valuable feedback, either good or bad. Collecting feedback from your customers is an easy addition you should include in your business strategies. It can show you the right direction in which you need to take your company.

What is a better way to get feedback from customers and show them that their opinion is valued than with a good old survey?

Online surveys are go-to for many businesses when it comes to customer success and satisfaction. So we have decided to go through the most notable ones. And show you how each of them can help you in different fields of improvement.

NPS for business

How likely would it be for you to recommend [company name] to a friend or a colleague?

Net Promoter Score is a universal metric for measuring customer success using a question regarding their likelihood of referring someone to the business. It is universal, as it uses numerical scores. Which later on makes it easier to distinguish between the satisfied and dissatisfied customers. The respondents are grouped into three groups: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

A focus should be put mostly on Promoters and Detractors. With promoters, being enthusiastic and loyal customers. They are more likely to have recommended your company to someone, and more likely to recommend it again in the future. Fueling their loyalty is done, as mentioned above, by showing that their opinion is valued and the company listens to them. With that, you are on the right track to turning them into brand advocates.

The value of having brand advocates is well-known. They will spread the word and attract more new customers, which can only have a good impact on business growth.

Having a metric that helps you know who is the possible brand advocate that leads you to increase revenue, has plenty of benefits to a business. Also, not forgetting to mention that universal scoring NPS has allows you to compare your company to industry competitors.

CES for business

The company made it easy for me to fix my issue?

When working on building customer loyalty, we need to focus on many aspects and improve even the little things. But the importance of having customer issues resolved effectively, and their questions answered quickly, is sometimes overlooked.

Every interaction counts when it comes to creating a good relationship with customers. If customers struggle to get assistance and solve an issue, it would not leave a good impression on them.

Resolving issues quickly and effectively should be one of the important things that companies need to work on. We have surveys that reflect on how a customer care representative helped the customer. But measuring the ease of use of your platform can also be done with a survey.

Customer Effort Score is there to help you determine if you took all necessary steps in order for your platform to be user-friendly. A good thing to note about CES is also that the scale is measured by how much they agree with the statement,  so it is much more accurate than the standard numerical scoring.

The fact is that most of the business is now done online, and having a functional and easy-to-use website or a platform is of crucial importance for growing your company.

CSAT for business

How would you rate your experience with [company name]?

Customer Satisfaction Score is the most straightforward survey type out of the three. It directly asks the customer about their satisfaction with the company, product, or interaction they had with customer support.

Because of its simplicity, CSAT can be very versatile when you need to ask about satisfaction for a specific service you provided. The versatility of CSAT allows you to easily gather feedback from customers. Even at different points during the entire experience. So it is much easier to separate the exact moment where everything was not going as planned and work your way to fix that problem.

Using CSAT can help you in finding the weak spots in the service you provide and measure how customer satisfaction fluctuates during a specific period of time. Implementing this easy and well-known question is great for tracking customer behavior.

It can lead you to knowledge about your customers being happy and staying with your company. Or that there is a possibility of them looking for alternatives.


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